A Field Of Dead Dreams – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Clairvoyant you’re not, otherwise you would’ve see this coming from a mile away,” he says with a smarmy smile across his bloody lips.

“I never said I was a clairvoyant, I said I was a psychic-medium.” she spits back.

“Same difference isn’t it?”

“NO! I speak to the dead, and pass any messages on to the living, clairvoyants see into the future, that sounds completely different to me!”

He screws up his nose and lifts his chin high into the air with an arrogant curl on his lips. “Then one of your dead mates should’ve picked up the slack and helped a brother out with a little heads up or something!”

She grits her teeth and rolls her eyes as she lets out a long-winded sigh. “Somehow I expected something more from you, something with more substance, yet instead you gave me something utterly unoriginal.”

“You’re not the first one I’ve hurt tonight, and you’re not gonna be the last I can assure you of that.”

A sharp smile cuts across his face, as she squints her eyes tightly. “What makes you think, you could ever hurt me?”…..

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