Flood To The Noise – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….The music slaps him in the face like a tightly wound fist, and his head thrusts back, then catapults forward before the music slams into his face again. He stumbles back while the music assaults him with explosive beat after explosive beat until he finally drops to one knee, catching the floor seconds before his face meets it.

For uncountable silent moments he holds himself in place while a wide bloody smile wraps itself across his lips before he spits a wad of saliva tainted blood to the ground and launches himself back into the air as the music erupts to life once more.

His face screws up, and his lips curl as he moves with each thundering burst of the drums, swaying this way and that with each explosion, dancing like as if the entire world around him was on fire. He arches back and casts a heart pounding look up into the empty air above him with wide wild eyes, then with one final stuttered breath in, he thrusts himself up from the ground and into the awaiting sky…….

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