A Fish Of A Shot – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….Fish after fish hit the ground, twitching and twerking their way across the car park until there are a thousand or more flopping around on the bitumen. Then as suddenly as it all started, the clouds filter away and the sun beats itself down upon the homeless fish, while Joseph and Keaton stand before it all, watching with mesmerised gazes upon their faces.

“That d-did not-t just h-happen, d-did it?” Joseph stammers as he slowly turns to Keaton, who ignores his words and continues to stare with wide wonderous eyes at the fish as they slowly suffocate before them.

“I-I-It happened b-bro, i-it happened.”

“W-What the fuck d-do w-we do?”

“Do?” Keaton asks, as he shakes himself vigorously as if he has just stood up at the beach and was shaking the sand off.

“Y-Yeah, w-we can’t just stand here, d-doing nothing. S-Shouldn’t we help them?”


“W-Well, we could round up as many as we can, and put them in some water.”

“Where are we gonna get the water from?”

Joseph looks around the empty parking lot, before bringing his gaze back to Keaton, shrugging his shoulders as he does. “I don’t know, we could,” he says as he scratches his head, and starts making clicking sounds with his tongue.

“Face it bro, we ain’t the doing type sorta guys….”

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