To Vilify The Mirror – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Jaded are we, the slime that grew legs and crawled from the primordial swamp that was our home since we were but soup in the belly of life. Disappointed and disenchanted with that which surrounds us, pushed, and persuaded, hidden as we’re regulated to supporting characters in our own DAMN lives, while those that vilify us take centre stage in the grandest of them all! Yet instead of fighting back, we scurry downward, and let those that do not deserve it, run our day-to-day functions.” he spits through saliva drenched lips, as his eyes look across the room, meeting with each set of eyes that look back at his. “We must rise upward and reclaim who we are! We must take back life, as it is ours and not theirs.” he roars, as the small group stand motionless and silent, only watching as they always do.

A slow clap starts to echo from the back of the hall, and his eyes fall upon a face he knows all too well.

“What a speech! What a vison! How they eat from your hands as if they had no other option.” he says with a wicked grin up on his lips….

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