See The Who In You – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“You’re painting pictures you can’t see for sake of looking! Why not back off, breathe, and maybe we can see our way onto the other side, together, instead of the cluster we’ve become!” Claudio grunts through clenched teeth.

“And what, you get to be absolved of your crimes? Vicky’s death gets overlooked? Where’s the justice for those who are no longer here to defend themselves? Where’s your punishment?”

“You think just because they’re dead, they’re gone? You think their souls are happily at rest?”

“Don’t treat me like a fool Claudio, your lies are b…”

His words are cut short as Claudio grips him tightly by the arms and pulls him close. “Can you see them, hiding in the corners of my eyes? Can you see how they haunt me!” he hisses as he stares with wide panicked eyes into his.

“STOP BEING A FUCKTARD AND LET ME GO! I’M NOT FALLING FOR YOUR BULLS….” But his words trail off as he seems the reflection of someone moving behind him, but when he turns to face the would be attacker he finds no one there. “W-W-What the f-fuck was t-that?” he stammers through trembling lips as he turns back to Claudio.

“Not what, but WHO!…”.

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