Harvest Dreams – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“So tell me, if you had the chance to fulfill a specific dream related only to you, would you?” Han asks as he skilfully shuffles the deck of cards in his hands.

“WHAT!” he exclaims loudly, while his brow furrows and he squeezes his lips purse. “You think you’re some kind of FUCKING genie now?”

A smile creeps across his lips as he deals the cards onto the faded green felted lining that scruffily clutches the table before them. “A genie I am not, but a dream whisperer, that’s my claim to fame.” he says with a playful wink.

“What the fuck is a dream whisperer?”

“Someone who can get inside your head and bring your dreams to life.”


He take several quick and puffs of his cigarillos and smiles broadly as he bites down on its end. “What would I get out of lying my friend? You think I’m trying to rig the game by telling you stories of my magical gift?” he says out of the corner of his mouth as he tosses two cards into the tables centre, while Nick tosses three.

“It crossed my mind.” Nick says nervously as Han deals him three fresh new cards, and he turns all his cards to show two low numbered pair.

“Well let it uncross it, because my gift is true,” Han says as he deals himself two and reveals his cards, showing a full hand of suits in the same dress…

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