It Ain’t Playful If It Hurts – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…He closes his eyes and lets a stuttered breath escape his lips as he tightly clenched his blood-stained hands into fists. An explosion of colours pop inside his mind’s eye, showering the throbbing darkness with bright blues, reds, and yellows, while the silhouette of a woman’s face is painted in contrast to the colours.

“A-A-Alison,” he stammers beneath his breath as she turns towards him and comes to life like an animated character from some eighties pop music video. She smiles playfully as her lips are defined in a pulsating purple, then with a backwards thrust of her head she spins around and begins dancing to music unheard while a sea of yellow stars wash across the empty world beneath them as her silhouette is dressed in a bright fluorescent pink unitard with glowing purple leg warmers. Her cascading river of auburn hair bursts to life, flowing with rhythmic pulses behind her. He desperately lifts an ever weakling arm out towards her, nearly catching a quick glimpse of her playful smile before she spins around again and disappears once more into the darkness…..

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