Backwards By One Step – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…a quivering smile wriggles across his blood-stained lips before he raises the pistol to Gareth’s brow. “Unfortunately I do not possess the ability to go back and forth thru time like some comic book superhero, and that saddens me, for now I see you for who you are, and not who I saw.”

“Life’s full of unfortunate surprises, but it’s what you do with them once you know makes up for the mistakes along the road.” he seethes through clenched teeth.

“The time for bargaining is over! You have cost me much today, and I will not be denied my payment of blood!”

“What if I could offer you a chance to go back and change that mistake? What if I could correct our course and give you chance to shape a better tomorrow through the eyes of yesterday?”

“I would call you a fool!”

“Or would you be the fool for once again not taking a chance to be taken?”

He raises his brow with curious intent. “Well played, taking my disenchanted with an error already taken. But I am no fool, and you lie!”

“Are you sure?” he says with a wry grin upon his lips.

“If you possessed such a device, you would’ve already used it to stop me.”

“I already have….

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