Behold, The Handkerchief Substitute – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…His nose screws up one final time as he stares back down at Dwight. “ARE YOU SURE!” Stewart spits though blood drenched teeth.

Dwight nods his head furiously. “I-I-I, I am,” he stammers nervously back.

“THEN GO! SAVE THE WORLD! DO WHAT MUST BE DONE AND I WILL BUY YOU THE TIME YOU NEED!” he bellows as he draws his swords free and looks over towards the oncoming horde.

“Y-Y-You’ll never survive, n-n-not on your own,” Scully whimpers as she grabs at his torn sleeves.

“I was never meant to get as far as I have, but now that I am I’ve realised death has been the only reward guaranteed from the onset of this FUCKED up journey. We both know it was never a matter of when, it was always a matter of how, and THIS is HOW!” he spits through clenched teeth as he casts an exhausted look down towards Scully, thrusting her away with an open hand. “NOW GO, LEAVE ME BEFORE WE ALL PAY THE PRICE!”

Dwight pulls the gobsmacked Scully from the ground and hold the child back. “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME! YOU PROMISED! YOU PROMISED!” Scully cries as she tries to free herself from Dwight’s ever tightening grip.

Stewart blinks his eyes softly and nods his head in a slow rhythmic rhythm, before shaking it from side to side wearily. “I wish everything I said, I could promise.” he says as he looks out towards the horde as it closes in on their location. “But life ain’t like that..”

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