Taste The Open Door – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

flood to the move,

let the rhythm flow,

it’s gonna send you over the edge,

as you let your hair down,

see the multi-colours dance,

paint the sky in rhythm,

drop your face,

raise your fists,

as the beat rides high,

running though the splinter stroke,

feeling out the winds,

a line between the water level,

you’ve got the back seat,

locked and loaded,

its not the wisdom that we wished it would be,

but the rhythm working,

the flow is running,

let the beat control you,

as the rhythms in my head,

flat stick on the front seat,

raindrops on my head,

dancing in the mirror of a wicked man,

step forward in a backwards motion,

as we let the wild boy ride it,

and the rhythm style it!

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