A Fool And Their Neck – A 5 Minute Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

“When the sun sets on the yesterday, we will begin what has been, so we can forgive tomorrow for what it was meant to be.” Sanji hisses through clenched teeth as he looks up at the others with a twisted smile upon his bloody lips. “Yet as thee all know, forgiveness is a word that is easier to say through a face full of hatred than it is to achieve through actions, so feather thy bed and makes start on your sacrifices, for now is not the time to be content.”

Luca’s lips curl and he raises his chin high to the air. “What the FUCK bro! You suddenly think you’re some big FUCKING master now that you’re sitting in a pool of other people blood? What makes you the big FUCKING kahuna!”

Sanji laughs softly as he turns his focus upon him. “Kill him,” he slurs.

Luca’s eyes grow wide, and the smile quickly disappears from his now bloodless face. “WHAT THE FUCK! I CAN’T EVEN QUESTION YOUR RIGHT TO THE PUDDLE OF SPIT?”

“That is correct!” he says with a nod of affirmation.

“WELL I CA…” He doesn’t get to finish his words as the other begin to slowly circle him like sharks with the taste of blood. “WHOA! W-W-What the F-FUCK is g-going on Julie? W-W-We’re on the s-same page here?” he stammers nervously.

“We haven’t been on the same page for a while LOVER!” she grunts with a broad grin across his charred lips.


“YOU we’re talking about overthrowing him lover, not I!” Julie sings before leaping onto his hand and clamping her teeth tightly around his finger, he stares at her with eyes full of fear as she winks at him playfully while clamping her teeth shut and biting his finger cleaning off. He screams in terror as he tries to pull his hand away, only for Kari and Olivia to leap upon his back and sink their teeth into either side of his throat.

His eyes widen and his mouth drops open as a dry gurgling sound emanates from deep down in his stomach. “W-W-Why?” he whimpers through trembling lips.

Julie spits out Luca’s finger and curls her lips. “Because you interfered in what was to be!”

“B-B-But h-he w-w-was t-the one w-who ruined e-e-everything! H-H-He’s t-the true e-evil.” he stammers as Kari and Olivia let him drop to his knee and strut their way to Julie’s side.

She laughs half-heartedly, throwing her head back sarcastically. “You’ve surrounded yourself with evil your entire life, lived and breathed it like it was oxygen, and now, in the end days of this pitifully world you try to be the hero! What game is it you play now?”

“I n-n-never said I wanted t-to be a-a-a hero, I just d-d-didn’t want t-that piece of shit r-r-ruling t-the world. H-He never e-earnt it, F-F-FUCKER j-just showed up a-and took over l-like he o-owned the place.”

Julie rolls her eyes and sighs. “The only reason HE is HERE, is because YOU summoned HIM! What did you think was going to happen when he showed up, did you think he would give you the keys to the city? Did you think he would let you rule?”

“I-I-I, I don’t k-know, m-maybe I thought w-we would rule t-t-together.” he stammers as tears cascade down his cheeks.

“Then, you are a fool,” Sanji says as he strides over to where Luca kneels in the ever-growing pool of his own blood. Sanji grips Luca’s head and tears it from his body in a sea of red. “And fools do not prosper!”

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