Fade When The Dawn Drops – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

lord and master,

hear my song,

drop down below with your wicked children,

see how they grow,

bathed in blood,

lost at sea,

strive to see the end that doesn’t come,

we ask through worships,

sacrificing our first born,

we beg through blood,

answer our prayers,

as we give all we can,

the work never done,

the unbearable becoming of self,

the forever burn of mortality,

open and deliver,

the noise was never wrong,

illusion of a delusion,

madness rights it way,

forever through the devils horn,

the sounding call doesn’t call no more,

a sliver in the waiting,

a bed of deceit swallowed in a ball of sin,

reason with the sanity lost,

give the shocking conclusion,

of a man not lost,

but never found..


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