Under The Lies Of Sin – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

Plagiarise the certainty,

as the world breaks down the doors to hell,

we see the things we could not see,

violent designs that could not be,

horror to the untold as the world unfolds,

we see the eyes through closed lids,

woken glances in broken dreams,

take my hand and hear my words,

through open the doors you take a step,

we hate to find that we cannot be,

the innocent be killing me,

its the start not the finish,

why don’t you fight,

why don’t you try,

never ending for its always going,

never ending for its always going,

to falter now is fates winding path,

see deep inside where the dream awaits,

see deep inside now tell me lies,

make me believe your words,

make me believe in you,

let the dream die inside your eye…

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