A Foot Leads First – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The tears drop to the floor, as does Sebastian’s exhausted form. A stuttered breath washes up from his chest and he gently closes his eyes. The room sits in silence for more minutes than it has ever done before, then pulsates with what is at first a dull thud that grows into a suffocating hand that grips every inch of his being. His eyes spring open, fear etched within his very DNA as the darkness pulls him away. Words with no sensical fact or form spit with violent design from his empty mouth while his lips decay into a dull grey. Fingernails tear at the wooden floorboards in desperation s as he tries to pull himself from the void of darkness, but all he ends up doing is ripping them from his withered bloodless flesh.

“P-P-PLEASE!” he bellows, without warning the room falls silent once more and the darkness releases its hold on him. Not wasting a second, he quickly scrambles awkwardly to his uneasy feet, and clutches himself tightly as a cold shiver washes over him.

“W-W-W-What the F-F-FUCK was t-t-that?” he strangers through trembling lips, but he quickly finds his nightmare is far from over as the ink that riddles his flesh begins to melt into a puddle of black in the middle of the room, and he can only stand there frozen in fear.

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