Time Fold – A 5 Minute Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….“Time isn’t as accommodating as you would hope it to be unfortunately, for it has its own set of rules that do not shift our fluctuate for any man, woman, or God for that matter! Just know that you did all you could and be satisfied in that!” Malik hisses through bloody teeth.

“BULLSHIT!” Sebastian spits as he breaks free of Sahs’s grip and thrusts a casting finger pointed at Malik, his face twisted with distain. “Lupine found a way, and I know you are privy to all his dirty little secrets, so spoil the broth and tell me before I tear the words from within you!”

“Lupine never found his way out of a wet paper bag!” Malik scoffs. “He was a fake! A face to put a name to, a foil for someone who wished to stay in the shadows! Lupine talked the trash and paid the price for it!”

Sebastian’s eyes widen and his bottom lip trembles. “Y-Y-You’re l-l-lying! Y-Y-You h-have to b-be! Y-You m-must be!” he stammers as he grips Malik by the collar and shakes him vigorously.

“I’m afraid he’s not,” Sasha says smugly as she presses the barrel of her pistol into the back of his skull.


“If we had the time, I’d tell you everything,” she laughs mockingly as she clumsily leans in close to him, and breaths heavily into his ear. “I’ll be honest with you, I’ve got more time than you could ever want to have, it just means nothing after you’ve been a part of it for so long and seen all the BULLSHIT time brings with it! I’m over the same things happening time and time again. I’m over the same characters, playing the same roles, while I exist in between it all like a ghost, cursed to relive the same thing over and over again, never progressing forward.” she pulls away, and lets out a stuttered sigh. “There was once a moment in time, I placed my sights upon a mad bid to foil the chain of the endless forever and tried to forget who I was. You may laugh at my ploy, but my shoes are not the ones you have walked in, so you would never understand. I visited a shaman who lived on the outskirts of a small village at the bottom of South America, he saw me for what I was the moment I set foot in his village. The peyote was strong, and his magic more, but time would not allow me my desire, and cast my plan to the depths of the ocean in a tsunami, along with the village and all its inhabitants. She showed her case, and told me straight that what was, was always to be. No matter how hard I tried to change the whole FUCKING world, time would never have it. Time righted all the wrongs I caused and put her train back on her tracks every time without fail. EVERY FUCKING TIME! SO, TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, YES SEBASTIAN! YES, I AM THE FACE BEHIND THE TOAD! I AM THE TRUE LUPINE! AND YES, TIME IS AT MY BECK AND CALL, BUT I AM ALSO AT HERS, W-WHICH IS WHY IT SADDENS ME TO DO THIS TO YOU, JUST AS YOU REMEMBER EACH TIME.” she bellows.

“W-W-WAIT! I-I-I….” But his words are torn from his mouth as the bullet from her pistol tears through his head, and then she turns the gun on herself….

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