Once The Queen Of The House – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….“There is no magical switch you can THROW! There is no immediate remedy that will do ALL the hard work FOR you! YOU must DO what NEEDS to be DONE! YOU must EARN your PENANCE!” Bellamy vomits through teeth tightly clenched, while a pointed hand thrusts repeatedly towards Agatha and Simone. “YOU must atone for the blasphemy YOU have brought to MY house!”

A quivering smile waves itself across Agatha’s lips, which boils Bellamy’s blood almost instantly.

 “WHAT DO YOU FIND FUNNY ENOUGH THAT YOU WOULD BRING MY WRATH TEN-FOLD DOWN UPON YOU!” she cries with eyes blacker than the darkest night.

The smile grows and Agatha lets out a jovial burst of laughter. “If you still THINK this is YOUR kingdom, then YOU are the ONE who requires the shroud over YOUR eyes to be peeled back, not us,” she spits venomously, while a smile creeps its way across Simone’s lips as well.

Bellamy take a staggered step back, gripping the bustle of her dress tightly. “H-H-HOW DARE YOU! HOW D-DARE YOU! T-T-THIS IS MY HOUSE AND I W….” But her words are cut short as Amber launches to her feet and charges forward, wrapping her hands around Bellamy’s throat.

“This isn’t YOUR house anymore!” she growls….

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