A Warm Sea Of Red – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The daylight peeks through the trees and into Jameson’s tired eyes, forcing him to pull away, and disappear into the darkness beyond the trees, while Cynthia clutches her throat in a desperate bid to stop the warm thick red liquid from escaping her body.

“C-C-Coward,” she hisses as her eyes roll up into the back of her skull and she falls to the blood-soaked ground in a lifeless heap of arms and legs.

“C-C-CYNTHIA!” Harry bellows as he struggles desperately to free himself from Juno’s powerful grasp. “C-C-CYNTHIA!” he cries again.

“Calm down and enjoy the show little brother, it hasn’t even got to the interesting part yet,” Juno grunts in his ear while wearing a broad grin from ear to ear.

“FUCK YOU JUNO! L-L-LET ME GO YOU IDIOT! I DON’T WANT ANY PART OF THIS, NOT NOW, NOT BEFORE, NOT EVER! JUST LET ME GO!” he spits, each word laced with the venom of a thousand snakes.

“Say what you want now, but it’ll never change the fact that it’s not what you said then, and because of those words then, this is how now became. So keep calm, and watch the red rivers flow.” he snarls in his ear, as he forces Harry’s eyes open wide….

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