Don’t Laugh At The Sun – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The light burns through the doorway, and cuts Fabian’s flesh as if it were a knife. He lets out a muffled cry, as he clenches his teeth tightly and casts a fevered glance towards Marcus.

“A-Are you HAPPY!” he spits.

“Happy is a human emotion long since lost to our kind, can’t you JUST let go, and embrace who you truly are?”

“A-And w-what is that? T-THE DEVIL!”

Marcus laughs softly, “There is only room enough in hell for one devil, and I have that role,” he sings with a playful curtsey. “You are the fool who must keep the king entertained.”

“W-What a s-surprise, y-y-you always k…” But his words a torn from his flesh, as the sun’s rays cut through the open doorway and burn his flesh like a hot iron.

“I ALWAYS WHAT?” Marcus bellows venomously, as he grabs Fabian by the back of the skull and forces his face into the sun for several seconds, before pulling it back away. “ALYWAS WHAT YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT!”

Fabian lets out a groan lost in the depths of pain, while a wry smile slithers its way across his lips. “M-M-Made you look,” he spits as he grips Marcus and thrusts him into the doorway…

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