My World Of Make Believe – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Gerry clenches his teeth and drives the blade deep into Luke’s stomach, staring deep into his eyes as the life leaks from his stomach.

“Y-Y-You b-b-ba…” But his words are cut short as Gerry pulls the knife free, and drives it back in several more times, then once his thirst is quenched, he lets the lifeless husk drop to the blood-soaked earth below.

“Stolen away, time and places,” he hisses.

“Yet the loop is never complete,” Luke sings with sarcastic flair from behind.

“There is no loop, there is only betrayal.”

“Yours or mine?”

“Both, or neither.”

Luke laughs softly. “There cannot be one or neither, there can only be one or the other.”

“In the real world maybe, but when you stepped over that landing, you stepped into my world, where only my rules apply.”

 “Then why am I still standing?”

“Because I see fit to keep you that way, and when I grow tired,” he says with a wide grin across his lips. “And believe me, one day I will, you won’t be standing then.”…

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