The Captain’s Quarter – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The door rips from its hinges, and Delargo steps into the room, letting out a gruff thrust of air from his pulsating nostrils while flexing his muscular form like a wrestler announcing his arrival to the ring. “WHO BE THE DOG BASTARD WILLIAM WATTS!” he roars as he eyes each of the petrified faces who stare back at him in fear. “WHO BE THE COWARDLY FOOL WHO THINKS HE BE MAN ENOUGH TO KILL THE DREAD PIRATE CAPTAIN DELARGO!”

He takes another goading step forward after a handful of silent second’s pass. “BE IT YOU BOY!” he spits as he grabs a young blonde haired by head with one power hand and lift him high into the air. “ARE YOU WILLIAM WATTS?”

“N-NO! N-NO!” the boy screams.

“Pity,” Delargo slurs as he crushes the boy’s head, and tosses him to the side like a piece of garbage, then turns to another. “ARE YOU WILLIAM WATTS?” he bellows as he grabs the boy by the head, like he did the first, and lifts him high into the air.

“Let the boy down Delargo, I am William Watts!” a voice announces proudly, causing a wicked smile to snake itself across Delargo’s lips.

“As you wish,” Delargo snarls, as he squeezes the boy’s head like a pimple….

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