A Sight To Show You – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Wednesday,” Jamie says quickly and without hesitation, bringing all eyes down upon him.

“Are you sure?” Henry asks as he looks over his wire rimmed glasses.

“I am positive,” he answers back.

“Well,” Henry says with an exacerbated sigh as he leans back, places his glasses on the bench before him and kneads his Russ as of they were putty. “This changes everything, doesn’t it?”

“Only of you allow it to,” Zek says matter-of-factly.

“I don’t think there’s much we CAN do to stop it from changing things, we cannot wipe what has happened from our minds, can we?”

“We can choose to ignore the facts and move forward as originally planned as if nothing has changed.”

Henry casts a disgruntled look over to Zek and lets out a bellowing of air from his flared nostrils. “Are we no better than those we are govern, if we abuse the rules as if they were nothing?”

“It’s not abuse, if you’re unaware of the full story.”


“So you say,” Zek says with a wry smile across his lips, as he looks over to Jamie. “But what if this conversation never took place, because poor Jamie succumbed to his injuries.”

“W-W-What?” Jamie stammers as he looks frantically over to Zek, and then to Henry. “Y-Y-Your not g-g-going to listen to him a-are you?”

“N-No, no, of course we’re not going to listen to the insanities of someone who is clearly not fit to be on this committee.”

“I’d like to interject and say that maybe YOU’RE not fit to be on this committee.”

“H-H-HOW DARE YOU!” Henry stammers as he thrusts himself to his feet, and points a trembling finger towards Zek. “H-H-HOW DARE YOU!”

“Get over yourself old man, there ain’t nothing I won’t dare, and if you’re not careful, I’ll dare to be many more things,” he says with a broad grin, as he grips his own face, and tears his flesh away….

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