When I Was A Man – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“He rostered us both on, just so he could revel in the uncomfortably, it’s that simple.” Sammy says through clenched teeth, as he casts a sideways glance towards Sonya.

“You give that a-hole more credit than he deserves, he’s not some evil supervillain looking to extract his final revenge, he’s filling shifts with whoever can work, it’s just a coincidence, nothing more, nothing less.”

“BULLSHIT! He thinks he’s the Riddler, playing with everyone like they’re a pawn in his latest riddle.”

“Well, you’re no Batman, but you’re definitely a Dick! So tell me, why would Clark Griswald wanna run out Christmas?”

“Any more references you want to get in first before I answer?” he asks with a sarcastic smile across his lips.

“You can’t handle anymore!” she quips back quickly, grinning ear to ear.

His smile fades and he grinds his teeth loudly, “Remember last year, when Susan dumped Simon the day before he had that whole night at the Four Season’s planned, the one where he was planning to ask her to marry him?”

“How could I forget, he ended up letting us use the booking instead, and I achieved the first and only orgasm I ever had with you.” she purrs with a gentle sigh.

“W-WHAT? REALLY? B-B-But what a-about that time in Panama City?”


“THAT WHAT YOU FUCK SAID!” he bellows, flailing his arms around like some poorly animated cartoon character from an early morning children’s show.

“Well, obviously I lied!” she spits matter-of-factly.

“OBVIOUSLY!” he grunts as he grinds his teeth once more, before taking a deep breath and sighing. “I always like these reminders as to why were not together anymore, you forget these sort of things when you’re all alone. THANKS!”

She lets out a loud groan and thrusts her head into the air. “GET ON WITH YOUR STORY ALREADY BEFORE I DIE OF BOREDOM!” she moans.

“It doesn’t MATTER anymore!” he says with fire laced words.

“BE A MAN!” a voice spits from behind them, before the room is plunged into darkness. “It ALWAYS matters!”…

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