Stomaching The Livestock – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“The colourisation used when highlighting the peaks of each mountain shows a hidden talent I had never expected to see in someone so void of talent. I’m impressed Jacob, BRAVO! BRAVO!” Fletcher spits with excited enthusiasm as he slaps his hands together in an almost rhythmic fashion. “I had chosen you to move on to the next stage, but after todays display I have decided to give you another day of life, although that means one of your fellow stable mates must move onward instead, and because I am a fair man, you can choose who it is!” he says with a wicked smile upon his lips as he looks down upon Jacob.

Jacob looks frantically over to the others, and then to Fletcher. “I-I-I, I can’t, p-p-please d-don’t make me,” he stammers.

“Of course you can,” Fletcher grins broadly. “Pick, or I’ll take them all!”


He shakes his head and laughs softly, “Believe me Jacob, there is nothing personal about this, you are all livestock in my eyes, and you Jacob, you have earned life, as is the game we play, but in earning that you have earned the right to choose that fate for one, or all of your team, like any good leader…”

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