Day 265 – Frantic Motion – Short Story

“You have to trust me,” he says, as he stares into her hopeless eyes, she nods her head, biting into her lip as she does.

“With everything I have,” she says.

He smiles, “Good, because, what we’re about to do, requires you to do exactly what I say, when I say it. You can’t stop and think, you can’t wonder why, you just have to move, no thinking, no stopping, just one, flowing, unrelenting, movement, do you understand?”

“I understand Kevin, and, I trust you,” she says as she places her hand out for him to take, he looks down at her hand, then back up to her face.

“I can’t carry you, I can’t hold you, you have to follow, if you slip up, if you slow do, or stop, then it’s your problem not mine,” he says, she pulls her hand away in surprise, and he smiles once again. “Don’t think that should be anything to worry about, I love you, it’s just, I can’t do this if I’m carrying you as well, so, you have to just follow, listen and obey…

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