Day 284 – Stay – Short Story

It was cold, and wet, when I first saw her, when we first met.

I was swept away, in dirty thoughts, places my mind should never have went, up there with the astronauts.

We clicked in ways I’ve never known, we laughed constantly, we fucked like rabbits, I knew I loved her instantly.

But the clouds moved in quick, I saw something else, something I’d never seen, and then came the welts.

At first they were itchy, then they began to ache, painful, and then my skin started to flake.

“My skin started to flake? Steady on there sunshine.”

“Excuse me? Who the fuck are you, and why are you interfering in my story, slash rhyme?”

“I’m your fucking smarts, you know, the part of your brain you hardly ever use unless it’s really, really fucking important.”

“Oh, okay, so, why the hell are you interfering in my post?”

“Because it’s shit, and someone needed to put a stop to it before you embarrassed yourself any more than you have.”

“What the fuck? Embarrassing? Are you reading this? It’s gold, any one can see that.”

“If gold was forced out your anus, and smelt like garbage, then, this is gold, otherwise, its shit, why don’t you write another Dark Stars? People like that, hell, you like it.”

“I wasn’t in the mood okay, I need to be in….”

“Bullshit, don’t lie to me, in the mood, what the fuck are you, a fifty year old virgin making excuses?”


“You heard me Einstein, I said, stop talking out your arse!”

“Okay then, smarts, what should I write tonight then?”

“How about some internal monologue shit, open up, show the world what you’re made of, shit like that fucking rocks.”

“How the fuck am I supposed to do that? You can’t just open up with some internal bullshit off the bat without some fluffy lead in.”

“Start off with something crappy, that you can turn into an internal discussion about how crap it is, that should work.”

“And how the… Oh.”

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  1. fictionspawn says:

    Haha! This is great, man. What a turn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man, I really liked the idea thpis one went with, sort of Reanimator style!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fictionspawn says:

        I’ll have to see that movie again, I don’t remember anything of it. Thanks for reminding me:)


  2. yazgar says:

    😄Now that was gold, and NOT the smelly kind! 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, when the brain wants to go one way, and the rest, well, it sorted itself 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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