Day 300 – My Name – 50 Word Story Expanded

“Damn it Damien, let them go, they’re innocent!”

“Never, no one is innocent, everyone of these fucks has sin on their souls, and they’ll all pay the price, so is my word, so, it shall be!” He says, gripping the blade tightly as he slashes it into the air violently, coming to a stop in front of his face, he feels the sweat run down his brow, his eyes, grow wide, as he stares into Damien’s hateful eyes, slowly, he reaches a nervous hand up to the blade, and pushes it away.

“Steady on there sunshine, I’m not the enemy here.”

“Are you sure? Because you god damn sound like it, we went into this on the same page, with the same designs, now you side with the sinners?”

“I don’t side with the sinners, I’m just saying, these are kids, virgins, masturbators at best, they haven’t sinned, not really, their dirt is light weight, cleanable, they deserve a chance to be redeemed.”

“The deserve my blade, a sin, is a sin, no matter what age, right and wrong is still something they know, we let them walk, what message is that sending to the others? What standard are being set? They must face their sins, they must pay!” He says, as he turns to the three boys, all cowering before him.

“Look inside them, see what….”

“I see sinners, sinner who will only be in front of my blade again if I let them go, what I do today, I do to save the future.”

“The fuck? You can’t know, you can’t see what they’ll become, you can only guess, let them go, let them, prove you wrong.”

One of the boys casts a quick glance up at him and then back down, “We’re so fucked, he’s going to kill us if we don’t do something,” he hisses to the other two.

“Do fucking what? He’s bigger, faster and has a fucking knife, what can we do to stop him?”

“I don’t know, but we have to do something, anything, fuck, we need to make our move now, while he’s arguing with himself,” he says, as he quickly looks up again, into Damien’s bloodshot eyes, his lip twisted into  snarl.

“Guess who won the argument?” He growls as he attacks.


  1. Leaking Ink says:

    Dang Matt…this is deep.
    And in case my 2 cents matter…I love the expanded story concept. Good to see it back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, I loved the concept when I originally did it, I’ll be revisiting a few of the things past over the next few months as the year ticks down. But, the 50 word will be back for a solid ride 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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