Day 354 – Know Your Role – 50 Word Story

For Matthew’s next 50 word story, he went to issue 383 of Fear In Fear Magazine, and chose his words from a story called Know Your Role, below you can read the short that was posted.


“I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself, underestimating your enemy is a sure fire way to get yourself killed, but, I don’t need to tell you all this, do I?”

“Shut up and come try me, I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!”

“You eat shit, for breakfast?”


If you’re interested in reading the original story, you can go HERE.

You’re more than welcome, as always if inspiration hits, to expand the story yourself, all I ask is that you post a link in the comments below so I can showcase it on the blog.

Something made me write today, even though I didn’t want to, I guess the end result is more important.

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