My Mirror – Wrapped In Words

My mirror self watches,

no comments,

no words,

just his eyes following my every step,

I scream and I shout,

I call him by name,

I demand that he answers,

then I beg him to go away,

but he shakes his head,

he folds his arms,

he knows I understand,

he knows I know the truth,

my date with destiny is coming,

where my words will betray me,

my words,

a joke,

I know they’re not mine,

but the man in the mirror,

are they his?

Or are they the others,

the one that hides in the shadows,

that sings to me at night,

tells me it’s stories,

tells me what to write,

when I know deep down,

the truth that is true,

my life is a lie,

my lie is you.

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