Twisted Roads Of Madness – That Sinking Feeling

Not long after I posted my last post, my daughter came to me crying, totally inconsolable, and it took a good fifteen minutes to finally get her to calm down enough to even talk to us, and when she finally started to make sense I rushed to her room searching it from top to bottom.

She told us the man in her room had yelled at her, normally he was nice and played with her, but today his wasn’t being nice at all.

When I asked her what this man looked like she picked up a scrap of paper off the floor and held it up, saying this was the man.

I grabbed what little mattered and took everyone to the hotel we are now sitting in, some twelve blocks from our home, my wife thinks I’m crazy, but she can’t deny that our daughter has been acting strange the last few days, and she has felt an uncomfortable feeling in the house. So, I’ve spent the last few minutes pouring though security footage of my daughters room. Yes, sadly I’m one of those high tech dads who fit their babies room out with cameras so we would sleep soundly at night knowing she was okay.

So far I haven’t seen anything unusual, but, the footage from before she ran out of the bedroom is missing, the camera for some reason stopped recording, that doesn’t make me feel safe. Regardless, once everyone’s settled, I’m going back to the house tonight, I have to find out what the bloody hell’s going on, because if somethings threatening my family, I have to stop it.

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