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The Insanity Of Trying To Sell A Book

In an attempt to encourage reviews for the first book, we’re having some fun, twisted fun in fact. The advertising campaign we are running is one of bad reviews, and we want as many of them as possible, the below examples should give you an idea of what we’re after.

Do you think you can do better?

How can you participate?

Press on this link HERE buy a copy, leave a review with a few snappy one liners, and you could find your review plastered across the net like the ones above.

Come on, I dare you to take the challenge!


5 replies on “The Insanity Of Trying To Sell A Book”

You really want crappy reviews under the book’s link? What if people who don’t know about the challenge actually believe the review. That’s big money you could be loosing there 😉
Cause I actually liked the book. I confess, Jeremiah kind of made me throw up in my mouth, but it did elicit reaction, and that’s a good thing.
A few minor grammatical mistakes (like with the apostrophe words), but great otherwise.

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Firstly, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the mixture of fucked up tales, it means a lot to know someone enjoyed it, regardless of the mistakes that blatantly escaped our watchful eyes.
When I first started playing with the idea it seemed silly, but the reaction on social media has been stronger than I anticipated, to the point where I’ve grown my audience base because of it. But, so far no ones dropped a bad review, to be honest, no ones dropped a review at all, which still makes me scratch my head, and my comment of growing my audience base should be directed at social media growth, not sales, that’s something completely different that I haven’t been able to crack, but this book has been more about being a magnet, bringing people onboard, finding my audience. Although, getting feedback, is a different thing entirely, I have the blogger headlights on for that, expecting the comments posts normally enlist. But I’ve done more research, I’ve asked questions here and, to others I know who’ve gone through this process and all in all, I’ve not really succeeded with this first Volume, but, so far, I haven’t failed either, I’ve only been encouraged to slam my head against the wall harder, which will be revealed more so here in the next few days than anywhere else.
With Jeremiah, was it the burial, or the overall background of the story that caused the reaction?


And the mailing list will hopefully work correctly, sooner rather than later. I’ve been so focused on things others have told me are important, and not focused on the main things that are important to me, so, you’ll see a change happen soon within the mailing list, and hopefully it will be positive 👍


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