A Poem For The Devil Who Once Danced By My Side

Farewell to the devil that once danced by my side,

my soul now leaves me as I die,

I had my fill of everything,

I wanted not a single thing,

a deal made in blood,

my sins now like mud,

weighing me down in this other place,

this endless void in space,

their cries echo all around,

their cries and no other sound,

a life full of living,

after death there’s no forgiving,

my misdeeds are my own,

for these are the seed that I,

have sown.

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8 thoughts on “A Poem For The Devil Who Once Danced By My Side

  1. Found it!

    yesterday I shared my soul with the devil
    her eyes burned red and subtle fury
    as she made a toast her teeth turned toxic
    sharp fangs glistered in the moonlight
    I felt them sink into my soul drained insidious
    glasses full of blood crushed dreams pitiful misborn
    yesterday I shared my soul with the devil
    was dined and wined with sweet noxious lies
    disguised as the bliss beyond that is to come
    sincere moment of joy as pride swallowed slaughtered
    she smiled as I surrendered my future infernal eyes
    my heart shriveled away smashed broken
    drowned in a bottle

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    1. Mate, so many double meanings in this, it could cover so many grounds, it DOES cover so many grounds. I felt the anguish, loved it, you know you have lived reading this and feeling its tangible pieces of emotions, you know, you have loved, and so has the writer.

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      1. Ah yes. No matter how gloomy and doom stricken I can get I would never trade any part of my life so far. I may be in slumps and the recent one is by far the deepest one – in many ways caused by my past arrogant and foolish ways, however, the parts between the slumps are oh so full of ecstasy that to live it any different I’d miss out on so much that makes life such a gorgeous yet unpredictable beast. Thank you. As always your words illuminate perfectly.

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  2. What I find especially endearing about your mind is how you own it. You give it freedom to be. TO roam freely. To places that most avoid. To shine the light onto parts that are very much us as well. To the demons that attempt to own us yet with letting the mind charge at them we slowly take away their power… as always very engaging!

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    1. Thanks my friend, I write mostly without thought once I start, wherever it ventures is where it goes, the story tells itself, it’s meaning, not always how it reads, hidden, is where the true heart remains. Thank you again for your kind words, it means a lot.

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