For I Circle The Sun A Thousand Times

Like a fledging star,

you shine bright,

dragging the innocent,

towards your light,

for hiding beneath your facade of gold,

lies all kinds of dark delights,

some new,

others old,

and the further we delve under your skin,

the clearer we see your true sin,

by then it’s too late,

for we’re buried so deep that there’s no escape,

suffering tidal-waves of oppression,

undergoing cascading seas of destruction,

as the world closes in,

and your wound heals,

to start again,

on another innocent victim.

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6 Replies to “For I Circle The Sun A Thousand Times”

  1. Come with me and stay awhile
    Trust the love that’s in my smile
    We’ll go to the circus and take a ride
    You’ll love the thrills that I provide
    And then your mine, my evil swarms
    You’re lost inside my sinful storms
    I prick your back with needles sharp
    They’ll find you dead beneath a tarp

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