Purge To Release

You may well see a sinner in me,

you may well see a sinner roaming free,

but you judge without reason,

you look past the truth and build lies,

creating a world through your misguided eyes,

you disgust me to my core,

you adolescent bore,

justify your existence,

justify why you should be allowed to continue to pollute this world with your hate?

Explain to me why I shouldn’t end your miserable life with a slice of my knife!

DecayCardPress the image above and sign up to become a Twisted Fiend!

Why become a Fiend?

Simple, doing this makes sure you stay up to date with all the latest news as well as getting free copies of the Twisted Roads Anthology Volumes as they become available.

Or you can go HERE and claim Volume One for free book without becoming a Twisted Fiend…. Hows that for service?


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