Sibling Retrograde Survivals – Short Story

“There was a moment, just before her heart stopped beating that I questioned the vitality of the information I had become suffocated within,” he says as he wraps his finger around a glass that sits in front of him and empties its contentions into his awaiting dry mouth. He wipes a dirty sleeve across his mouth and slams the glass back to the table.
“Of course it didn’t change anything, she was as good as dead regardless of what I chose to do at that point of the game. So I had to trust it was the truth, and let her drown in the ever-growing pool of blood that had formed beneath her,” he says looking from beneath the rim of his hat towards her.
“What was it you were told?” She asks through clenched teeth.
“Does it matter anymore? She’s dead, and we’re sitting here having this conversation, seems pointless to even talk about it now. Ain’t gonna change your mind, or the past so you might as well just do what you came here to do,” He says with a wry smile as he slips a toothpick into his mouth and bites down on it.
“You know I had no love for her, yet you assume I’m here with the only intention to kill you. Has it not crossed your mind that I could be here for closure, nothing else?”
He laughs and slaps a firm hand on his leg. “You know, the one thing you and your sister had in common is how god damn pretty you look when you’re lying.”
She blushes and smiles broadly. “We’ve have more in common l, if your man enough to find out?”
“Honey after finding all I need to find out about your sister, I want nothing more to do with you or your fucked up family.”
“That’s unfortunate, for you,” she says as she smiles a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth and leaps across the table at him.

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  1. James says:

    Well that escalated quickly.


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