Heart Shaped Stain – Short Story

“Why does it feel like home is something I’ll never know again?”
“Because you’re paranoid Sonya, we will always have a home. It just won’t be in the same place,” Davis says with a sly smile.
“What sort of answer is that?” A voice says from behind them, Davis doesn’t even bother turning around, he only allows his smile to grow larger.
“Michael, so good of you to join us, we were beginning to think you’d abandoned us.”
“How can one abandon those who are not even on the same plane of existence as he.”
“Maybe you should’ve stayed in your hole, I’ve forgotten how irrepressible your un-dry humor is.”
“I have missed the soothing sounds of your voice as well my brother. But it changes little of my question, or hers. What will tomorrow bring?”
Davis laughs, “We all know that question has no answer, we are but former moments moving around this merry-go-round called existence waiting f…”
“Oh Davis, for all that is, please shut up!” Sonya hisses. “Are you sure this is inevitable? Are you sure they know what we are?”
“Of course I’m sure. Do you think I’d be making such a big deal if I wasn’t sure?”
“I don’t know anymore, after Keifer I do…”
“What about Keifer? He played no role in any of this bullshit, he’s nothing, so why mention him!” Davis says with a snarl as he lunges towards her, Michael cuts him off and slams him against the wall.
“Need to calm down there Davis old boy, wouldn’t want things to get any worse for you than they already are.”
“What does that mean?”
“What does it sound like? You played a game that you lost, and with you losing, we all lose. You should’ve never told the human what we were, you put us all in danger. You forced our hand. You forced my hand.”
“I did what had to be done, what needed to be done to congeal the flow of information. Believe me brother this brings me no comfort, love is something we almost never find outside the unit, so for me to be the one to take it from you, it breaks me,” he says with a wry smile upon his face. “Breaks me,” he repeats.

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