Resow Your Seed – Short Story

“Somewhere within all this insanity the truth will come out. You know that don’t you mother?”
“I stopped being your mother the day they cut you from my womb,” she hisses viciously back at him.
“You don’t know how disappointed I am with those words. The longing I’ve yearned for all these years is so close at hand, yet all you do is dismiss these feelings, these emotions I feel as if they are nothing but the pathetic whimpering of a child. Your sin will be born anew mother, and we will be as one, as a family should be.”
“No such thing will take place. I’d rather die than be anything more than the vessel that bore you to this world.”
His face ever so slightly twists, his eyes tighten and his hands clench into tightly wound fists. “There was a time when your words would’ve cut me in places unable to easily heal. But I have become more, I have opened my arms to the possibilities of the forever never darkness of the one. In its words I have seen the light. In its songs I have felt its touch. In its womb I have been reborn. Lay your sins before me mother, take my vessel of its word in your lips and swallow the righteous seed into your belly and let it transform you in ways you would never imagine,” he says as he rips his pants down and holds his semi-erect penis towards her. “See the monster mother. See the eye of your damnation. Take the seed you sowed back into your belly womb and become one with your son. Become one with the forever never darkness of the one who has no name.”
Hands grab her, pushing her to her knee’s before the now throbbing erection, she tries to pull her head away but more hands grab her face and twist it towards the large purple tip of his penis as it pulsates with blood.
“Open your mouth and prepare for your becoming,” he says as she feels fingers tear at her mouth, forcing it open as he forces himself inside.

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  1. James says:

    If she’s got a mouthful of teeth, he could be in for a big surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There will be a ending to this that will twist the answer to that question in ways not even I’m sure of…

      Liked by 1 person

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