A Watched Watch Never Ticks – Short Story

“It was just after twelve when I got back, the house was dark, but nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn’t exactly ready for bed straight away, I knew she would be asleep and in no way interested in my current state, so I went downstairs and locked myself in the guest toilet so I could deal with the not so little guy in private.”
“How long was it before you heard the screaming?”
“Five, maybe ten minutes later. I wasn’t exactly taking note of the time, I was more interested in getting a bit of relief.”
“Okay, just an approximation of the time was all I needed. What did you do when the screaming started.”
“Finished off and then went up to see what was going on.”
“Excuse me? You hear your wife screaming out for help, and you finish jacking your cock? That makes no sense at all. Wasn’t you concerned?”
He moves uncomfortably in his seat, his face turning bright red. “Sure I was concerned, but you’ve got to understand man, I was bursting at the seams and needed to offload some not so happy passengers.”
“What happened next, after you made your way upstairs?”
He looks to the ground and twists his feet in opposite directions as he bites down onto his bottom lip. “I made a sandwich and a cup of coffee.”
“Let me get this right, just so I’m sure we all understand what you’re telling us. You got home horny as hell and decided to go use the spare bathroom downstairs so you didn’t disturb your wife, who inadvertently began screaming for help while you were in the throes of passion with yourself. Now instead of running to your wife’s aid you finished pleasuring yourself and after that you proceeded to make yourself a sandwich and cup of god damn coffee before even going to check on your wife. Does that all sound about right?”
“It sounds a lot worse coming from you that way. But yeah that’s pretty much what happened,” he replies with a nervous laugh as he grips the back of his neck and begins to massage it roughly.
“So, after all that I’m guessing that’s when you finally decided to head upstairs to see what all the commotion was about.”
“Not exactly,” he replies sheepishly.
“Seriously? Are you telling me there wasn’t a part of you that was even a bit curious about what was going on with your wife?”
He leans forward and tightly squeezes his hands together. “Tell me detective, are you married?”
“What the hell does that have to do with anything going on here?”
“Everything,” he replies sternly. “So, are you married?”
“Do you have a partner of any kind?”
“My job has long hours, it leaves little time for personal endeavours.”
He leans back and crosses his arms defiantly. “Then I suggest you hand this case over to someone else, because being married is like going to war, you need to go there to understand what the hell is so damn horrible about it all.”

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  1. James says:

    He so murdered his wife.

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