We Are A Mirrior Of Impossibilities, So Shed Our Skin And Fly

I’ve dissected every moment up until this point with cold silent reflection, calculated every lie I’ve ever told to find the trajectory of this moment here and still haven’t found any reason why I’m standing naked and alone in this room.

Don’t even try to ask the question for it doesn’t matter what I was doing before this all happened, or what I had planned on doing after. To be honest, and I’m sure you will agree, in the end it doesn’t even matter how many lies brought us here to this moment, all that matters now is surviving this ordeal and getting back on the streets where I need to be.

That’s what really matters.

Well that’s what I keep telling myself as I stand here letting moment after wasted moment pass by like a reddish ooze sliding underneath a doorway.

I can see by the void that lies beyond your eyes that you don’t fully understanding what’s going on. What my words mean in the cluttered format I have selected to present them to you in. I can see some movement of recognition as a word jolts some piece of equipment in the deluded little playground inside your head, but that is few and far between.

There it is.

That nervous smile you’re so good at giving when you’re not sure if you’ve just been given an insult or someone’s made a half arsed joke at your expense.

Allow me to build upon it if you wish, because it doesn’t seem like we’re going anywhere soon.


There it is again.

I saw your eyes grow wide for a moment as your read the word WE!

Did you think I stood here alone? Reread my words again, but hear them this time.


I can see now you understand, but still confusion holds onto your throat with a vice-like grip.

Let me help shed some skin.

Let me help you see what wicked lies brought us here.

Let me show you what pathetic misdeeds singled you out so perfectly.

I can see by the look on your face many of those moments have flooded through your dull synapses.

But first before we venture down the road of never-ending decay, do me one last service.

Do this deed to start our a conversation anew.

And look up from these words, and see me…..

For I see YOU!

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