We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-One

Gunfire rips through the air and Glenn’s twisted lifeless corpse crashes to the ground in a bloody heap. Sophie screams louder as Jarvier moves swiftly from out of the shadows, his revolver still at the ready.

“WHO ARE YOU!” She screams as she shields herself with her hands in hope of protecting herself against further gunfire.

“Sophie McAdams, there’s no need to be afraid. My name is Javier Toddard, I’m a Detective with the special crime unit, you need to come with me,” Javier says as he holds out a hand towards her.

“Wh-Wh-What’s happening, you can’t be, you’re not real.”

“I’m standing in front of you, after just putting a bullet in your room mates head after he became infected by its word and attempted to bash your head in with a baseball bat. I think maybe you need to throw the real and the make-believe out the window and just trust what your eyes can see standing in front of you,” Javier says as he shakes his hand as a way of encouraging her to take it. “We can’t waste time, if it works out we’ve shifted the focus it will attempt a reset.”

“A-A-A, a reset?”

“You know, when you wake up from a really bad dream that felt like it was as real as everything feels right now, that’s a reset. That soulless piece of shit wants only one thing, and it’ll keep shifting the focus of everything to make it that way. We’ve only got one shot to stop it and we need Towns to do that, but beastly wants Towns to finish its story, so we’re in a bind and only you can help us out.”

“W-W-Why me.”

“Because, that’s the character he wrote you to play. You’re the one who finds him and slays the beast.”

“W-W-Wrote me to play? You’ve got this all wrong, you’re the one who’s from his books I-I’m a nobody, I’m not some made up character.”

“Honey would I be here if you weren’t part of his story?”

“I’m dreaming again, t-t-that’s all. N-N-None of this is real, it’s just in my head.”

“Sister if this is all just in your head, then I’d suggest you go see someone or stop reading whatever weird shit you’re reading, or watching for that matter. But whatever the case may be you have to listen to me you and take my hand regardless of what this really is. You know what they say about dying in your dreams, right?” He asks seconds before Glenn drives his baseball bat into Jarvier’s skull and knocks him to the ground, then proceeds to hit him again and again before finally turning his attention back to Sophie.

He smiles a toothy grin and laughs before swinging the bat wildly towards her.

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