We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Two

The darkness wraps around her naked body like a blanket of blades, tearing into everything she is until she no longer hears her own cries. It’s at that point that it releases her and she sits up in her bed, sweat pouring from her flesh like an overflowing bath tub.

The door to her bedroom crashes open and Glenn rushes in, baseball bat at the ready.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” He yells as he flicks the light on.

Sophie rolls herself up into a ball, “DON’T DO IT GLENN! PLEASE DON’T!” She screams, he stands there perplexed as the bat gently sways from side to side in his hands.

“Shit Soph, I ain’t gonna hit you. What the fuck would make you think that? I just heard you scream out, and thought someone was in your room. Had I know you were just dreaming, I would’ve just ignored your bitch-arsed cries.”

“I-I-I,” She stammers then laughs nervously. “I don’t know. I guess it’s all this research I’ve been doing, It’s got me twisting up a pole or two.”

“Fucking told you to turn that shit off, didn’t I? Fucking told you it’d send you all crazy like a bitch. Why the hell don’t you leave it alone and do something normal.”

“And running around the house in the middle of the night with a baseball bat is normal? How do you even own one of those things, I’ve never seen you in a pair of runners let alone play sport.”

He casts a nervous glance at the baseball bat as he lower it to the ground and smiles awkwardly. “Fuck you Soph, just because I made a valid point doesn’t mean you get to try and stick me with shit.”

“Then back off and leave me alone, this is important to me.”

“Why? What make this important to you? It’s only a fucking story!”

“It’s important to her, because she’s the one who finds Towns and slays the beast,” Jarvier says as he drives the butt of his revolver into Glenn’s skull, knocking him to the ground.

Sophie scream in panic, as Jarvier holds his hands up to her in a calming fashion.

“What the FUCK is going ON? WHY CAN’T I WAKE UP!” She screams.

“Because it won’t let you,” Javier says as he reaches out to her slowly. “But I can help, and together we can make sure you wake up tomorrow.”

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