We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Three

She slowly takes Javier’s hand and he pulls Sophie to her feet.

”S-S-So all this is a dream?” She asks.

”Sure, if it’ll make you play along,” Jarvier replies as he quickly drags her down through her apartment and out into the hallway.

“If it’ll make me play along? I don’t want to play along with anything, I just wanna wake up!” Sophie says as she pulls herself free of his grip.

“We don’t have time to stand here and argue again, and for the record I’m always right no matter which way you come at it.”

”Again? Are you saying we’ve done this before?” Sophie asks as her jaw drops open and her bottom lip trembles.

He smiles softly and touches her face. “Too many times to count.”

She pulls away from his touch with wide open eyes. “T-T-Then why don’t I remember and you do?”

He rolls his eyes and let’s out at breathe. “It ebbs and flows. Sometimes you remember, other times you don’t. This time around you obviously only recall very little of what’s going on, the bare minimum I’m guessing from the questions you’re asking.”

“Don’t talk about me to me like I’m a FUCKING brick wall! How do I know all of this isn’t some elaborate hoax, and your just trying to manipulate me into thinking it’s real so you can discredit what I’ve found out about MARTY TOWNS!” Sophie screams as everything seemingly stops and turns it’s attention to her. “W-W-What-t-t-t’s hap-p-p-ping?” She asks through stuttered words as she slowly looks around at the shadows as they slowly begin to close in on them.

“They’ve heard you, or it has,” Javier says through clenched teeth as the world quickly begins to fall into darkness as he tightly grips her hand. “It’s time we jump this shark!”

“Jump the shark?”

“Like Fonzie! We jump the shark and live to fight another day,” Javier yells as he drags her towards the doorway that leads to the stairwell. Sophie screams as she feels invisible hands grab at her and then a sudden wash of light washes over her and she finds herself behind the wheel of her Chevy Ute and begins to scream as she slams on the breaks, sending the ute into a fishtail.

”WHAT THE FUCK!” Glenn yells from the passenger seat as he grabs hold of the steering wheel as he desperately tries to get the ute under control before it flips.

Sophie sits there with her heart pumping a million miles an hour, she can hear Glenn scream at her but nothing she can understand until he has brought the ute to a stop and he grips her by the shoulders, shaking her violently.

”Soph, what the FUCK is going ON?” He yells, she looks up at him in total confusion and her lip begins to tremble as tears escape her eyes.

”I-I-I-I, I don’t know.”

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