We Are The Sin That Never Forgives – Part Twenty-Four

“What the FUCK do you mean you don’t know? I knew it was a bad idea letting you drive after what happened at the patrol station. FUCK!” Glenn yells as he thrusts himself back in his seat and looks over Sophie in disbelief.

“I, I just don’t know. One minute I was. Wait, why do you mean after what happened at the patrol station?”

He looks at her and punches the dashboard, “FUCK! Soph you have got to get help, before everything around you unravels and the true nature of the world presents itself to y…” Glenn doesn’t get to finish his sentence as the Chevy is t-boned by a large black SUV. The Chevy is powered across the road into the dense bush land, the SUV pushing it all the way. When the two vehicles finally come to a stop silence claims all those aboard, until after sometime there is finally movement.
Sophie clutches her head as she wearily looks around the decimated cabin which was once her pride and joy.

It hisses at her, reaching with its blood stained hands as the endless voids which once housed its eyes stares at her unflinching while it remains locked in its seat belt, looking down upon her from into the SUV which is to become its tomb. She screams in absolute terror before falling to a mummer as she catches movement in the corner of her eye from inside the cabin.

“W-W-W-What have y-y-yo-o-ou DONE!” Glenn stutters as he moves into the light, half his face a bloody mangulated mess, the other a pale empty version of who he once was.

“OH GOD GLENN!” Sophie screams in terror as she starts shaking uncontrollably and edges herself into the alcove beneath the dashboard while Green flops lifeless onto the seat in front of her, his only eye stares emotionally, empty towards her.

“Penance my sweet,” Glenn hisses through razor-sharp teeth. “Penance for the child of a thousand days. Penance for a beast who waits at bay. Penance for the maker who runs and hides. Penance for all those that have di….” The explosion of a shotgun shell leaving its chamber cuts short his words, then it turns his head into a bittersweet memory. Sophie screams anew, as hands pull her out and toss her to the ground. At first she shields her eyes and ears, while screaming uncontrollably until an open hand connects with her face being her cries to an end, then she hears his voice promising her hope once more.

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