(wicked >two< violet arc ~ catastrophic) Weaving Forward In This Decaying Form (sifting) – Wrapped In Words

Retrofitted personality given desire by need, food not being just for thought, it sickens (this SICkness) the muddy waters deep below the foot of MANkind, radiating a vibranCY that cleanses the incurable decay of the dead(-ying) flesh that strips itself from the skeletal frame that struggled to move forward with each drawn out step, a far cry from were we (you and I) once stood (do you remember? Do you still feel the touch before the world imploded? Do you still agoniZe over it all, even though this sickness) SICKNESS (robbed me of anything of who I once was, leaving a decaying shell that will forever remind you of a lost moment that you failed to grasp before it all came down around us) you and I….

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