Constipated Words (DIARRHOEA IN A SYMPHONY OF SINS!) – Wrapped In Words

Constipation of words not shit, nothing coming out no matter how hard I push, suffocation of my senses, confusion of my mind, lost moments of time repeating, a vulgarity of mistakes not mine, save me from this deliverance, release me from this pain, save me from my penance not pain, release me from this sin, I am a good man, manipulated into standing where I am, save me, be my hero, release me from this sin (YOUR CONSTIPATED WORDS, STUCK IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT ARE HELD THERE FOR A REASON, ONE WITH PURPOSE AND INTENT, THE WORDS YOU TRY TO SPEAK, THE VERBAL DIARRHOEA YOU SO DESPERATELY WANT TO RELEASE IS INTENDED TO MANIPULATE, INTENDED TO FREE YOU OF YOUR SINS, TO AVOID YOUR FATE, BUT I MY FRIEND, AM A BETTER MANIPULATOR THAN YOU COULD EVER BE, FOR MY SKILLS DON’T END WITH JUST WORDS, FOR I AM MORE THAN A MER HUMAN!)

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