Head Downward He Said, Head Downward And Face Your Sins! – Wrapped In Words

One foot in front of the other, steps running deep into the bowels of the very earth itself, as I descend into the depths I feel its presence more than I ever have before, it’s almost suffocating, the pressure on my back, the tightness of its hold around my throat, the deeper down I go, the more it’s grip takes hold, and slowly, it’s whisper grows into a scream, a scream that’s all I can hear, it screams my name, it screams profanity, it screams for me to stop, my passenger, my wicked self, slowly as I descend, slowly as I take the final trip, I see what they all said was true, and it is indeed waiting for me, my sin, my sins, they wait, they all wait for me to pay my payment, to earn my rightful price for what I did during my life….

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