Salutations From A Bitter Pill That You Must Swallow (RELEASE ME!) – Wrapped In Words

A rotten sickness of the inner psyche, it’s membranes torn and twisted into a shape unknown, broken down like perfectly ground salt, betrayed by a selfless traitor who persecuted all those around you, selling a vision so sweet that you could not resist its allure, but once you were in its mouth, it closed like a trap, slowly revealing itself, slowly breaking you down, slowly filling your light with a bitterness dark and soulless, the cry of a pathetic child, the hate of a tormented beast, the face of a delusional bastard (RELEASE ME!), release your hold (RELEASE ME!), release your toy (RELEASE ME!), allow me freedom (ALLOW ME MY FREEDOM!), allow me my freedom (ALLOW ME MY FREEDOM!) allow me my PEACE!

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