Beneath The Sutures Of Who I Was Grew A Version Of The Monster I Was To Become – Wrapped In Words

Sacrificed humanity for a kingdom lost,

A wickedness so beautiful,

A sadness so mournful,

A child lost to adulthood,

A princess who became a queen,

A tomorrow that had so much potential,

A today that suffers from within,

Deceivers a many,

My cries not heard,

As my soul burns away,

Sucked into the emptiness of life as it is,

A void filled darkness of nothingness,

Screaming our names,

But they are only memories,

Of passages and people long forgotten,

Though the scars remember,

For even though they heal over in time,

Their roots twist and bind themselves to the very being,

The create,


Someone new,

Who do your scars make you out to be?

Is who you are beneath them all the same child you once were?

Or are you the monster we have always known you to be?

Shed a tear and turn out the light,

For bitter queen,

Fairest lord,

Your sword will be your own undoing…

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