Captivating Audiences Dumbstruck With Awe As They Watch The Death Of A Fallen Queen – Wrapped In Words

Delicate hands twist violently around the throats of supposed threats,

Visions of deceitful intent cascading through the mind’s eye,

Ignorance of the truth,

Blinded by the lies that spread themselves through your thoughts,

Disregarding the facts Even when the fiction is so obvious,

You lie to yourself to continue on,

For without your lies,

Without your self-deception,

You are nothing but an empty shell,

A husk of the warrior you once was,

A child born to rise to the top of the hill,

Only to fall back down again by your own hand,

A child,

A warrior,

A princess,

A queen,

A liar,

An emptiness never to be filled…

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  1. Matt Valentine says:

    i dont think so


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