Halloween Madness Poems Whispered Words Wrapped In Words

And In The End All I Saw Was A Beginning – Wrapped In Words

A whisper in the dark,

A tale told in secret,

A wonderous story of eruptions,

A sorrowful wail of pain,

The ebbs and flows of life itself written in the blood of humanity,


Passed on,

Spread like a disease to the next who has never heard the words of its magnificent journey,

The child,

The princess,

The saviour,

How she climbed the mighty hills,

Battled her way over the walls of the decaying castles as it looks pathetically over the lands it once ruled,

How she fought with valour and rightfulness,

And the evil did fall at her feet,

The land exploded with life,

While inside she decayed,

And then like a broken mirror she reflected all the hate that twisted inside her poisoned form onto the world beyond her flesh,

Only to have the serpent of infinity come back around and complete its twisted ends,

For sickened queen,

The wicked bitch,

The once sweet princess with golden hair did meet her end on the sword that she once used…

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