What Words Can We Confuse In Lies

Suddenly the light is hypnotising,

Sending me packing right back,

To the moment that you sent be jacking,

Turning my veins to mud,

With this drug you called loved,

But I call it poison,

As I ended my life as a person,

Developing zombie like qualities,

Empty gazes,

Slurring phrases,

Dragging leg,

Hanging head,


As life passes me by,

The simplicity of what we are,

The flowers of addiction,

The hidden meanings,

The lies,

How time flies,

Words riddled with faults,

What you called love,

I called poison,

What you called intimacy,

I called a needled!

2 Replies to “What Words Can We Confuse In Lies”

  1. you are the fakest person i know who goes from person to person to find love telling each girl the same verse , winning them over with your verbage and charm– once they fall from your pedastal and begin to disappoint you, you run– if u think that is love you have some issues with commitment and trust


    1. Matt, you twist my words to meet your perception, for they are taken out of context if you see me as the abuser in these words. And why must this relationship spoken be with another, when most of my wounds are self inflicted, as are my words. Discovering and redefining the relationship of the voices that dance around inside my head.


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